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Tayflower is a Floral & Event Design Company located in Charlotte, North Carolina. We specialize in creating romantic, lavish floral arrangements, and create bohemian, classic enchanting event spaces.

Our Story

The business was born in the kitchen of owner and designer, Taylor Denton through a love of art and flower design. Specializing in floral design for special events and weddings, with the occasional styled shoot.  We also offer services for home/office plant services.  Tayflower wants to make it easy and convenient for our clients to have a one stop shop for their floral and plant needs.

Through our strong vision for color and design, we create beautiful customized pieces for our clients for every occasion, enabling Tayflower to spread love, compassion and the true essence of nature throughout our community, and beyond.

Our Philosophy

The number one reason clients purchase from us is because of our careful consideration of each design and our generous use of flowers. We ensure that clients are getting exactly what they envision every time they order from us and are left wanting more. Whether it be a small, simple gesture or a large extravagant event, we want our clients to feel that they are treated with an equal amount of attentiveness and passion.

We work with flower wholesalers from around the world that provide us with the best quality of flowers that are not only fresh, but will last. In our current day, we have access to almost any flower from any season and we believe that we can make any vision come to life and aspire to compliment and elevate any existing atmosphere.

Giving the gift of flowers has been a part of our history since the middle ages, and we want to ensure that one of the oldest gifts will keep on giving.


About Tayflower


Making terrariums and having a hobby of caring for plants wasn't anything I thought could be such an opportunity as this.  While living in an apartment with my sister in the Southend area of Charlotte, NC I did some research and discovered terrariums.  I made a couple for decoration around our apartment, with all the light we had from the floor to ceiling windows they were quite happy.  As people came over for Panthers tailgate parties, and other get-togethers I kept getting questions about the terrariums I made.  

The next thing I know I'm setting up for a show at Metrolina Expo- a local expo show in Charlotte, NC.  After gaining much experience with terrariums I discovered my love of succulents.  I just fell in love with all the colors, symmetry, uniqueness, and mostly low maintenance of succulents.  


I started using mostly succulents in my terrariums, creating a blend of rich materials to keep the care for these as easy as possible.  


The more shows I attended, I saw customers appreciate these beautiful plants with just the knowledge I would share with them.  It became so rewarding to educate people on something that I have such a great passion for.  

I had the chance to setup at offices in Charlotte, NC to customers who wanted to add some color to their desks.

I've participated in multiple shows such as the Southern Spring Home and Gardens show.  A wonderful program, that I look forward to participating in future shows with.


Over the last few years Tayflower has expanded to the wedding industry.  I went to school to get my certification to become a "Master Florist".  From this it broadened my knowledge on all the styles for the fresh floral industry.  My fiance and I decided that it was time for me to do this full time, So I quit my corporate job and here I am.  The wedding industry is something that is fun, and beautiful to work in.  Helping a bride create her dream day is so rewarding, and something that makes me push even more for my dream with Tayflower. So thankful for the brides I've worked with so far and am so excited for all to come! 


I am beyond greatful that something I still look at as a hobby and passion has gotten me to where I am.  There are many weddings, special occasions, offices, and gifts that I am so excited to design for!  

If you're looking for a one of kind gift for yourself, someone special, or if you want a statement for any event...Tayflower your day!


Working the Southern Spring Home and Gardens Show with my momma!

How do I track my order?


Each order will have a confirmation number as well as a tracking number for those items being delivered or shipped.  



How can I contact your couriers?


If you have any further questions feel free to email



What are your delivery options?


When we send a live plant we will let you know as soon as the item has been sent out, and the estimated delivery date.  We highly recommend taking the plants out of their package as soon as you get it in the mail.  Water and a little love will make your delivery ready to be planted! 


The following dates Tayflower will attend...




Do you provide International delivery?


Tayflower would LOVE the opportunity to send terrariums internationally.  If you go to the create it yourself section on our website, you can pick out everything from the container, plants and decor.  We do not send terrariums pre-made due to shipping issues.   Shipping costs will varie. 



How do I return an item?


If there is something wrong with the product when you recieve it, you can ship it back to the return address with a full refund.  We gaurentee happiness in our products.



What is your returns policy?


Returning an item that you are not happy with won't be an issue.  If we deliver something and its broken etc we will replace it with the same product or asign a refund.  Plants that are delivered through the mail should be taken out of the packages immediately and watered.  If the plant is browning, yellow or dead on arrival we will replace it with a new product or issue a refund.  

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