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Every living thing needs some sort of care.  Right?


Here's what we've gathered in our experience with fresh flowers, terrariums, and plants! 



How to keep the freshest flowers



Fresh cut flowers can last weeks if the right care is given to them.  The water in the vase being switched out ever other day with tap water is just fine.  If you have some floral water solution-add about half a pack for a medium size vase.  Check the ends of the stems, and give them a cutting when they start browning.   

What type of maintenace does a terrarium require?



A terrarium requires little maintenance, so these are perfect for beginners or experineced plant owners.  A lot of the terrariums designed by Tayflower use succulents which need water every 2-3 weeks, and need indirect light for about 6 hours a day.  These are great gifts for yourself or others and the less maintenance they recieve the better they'll be.  With the right care a terrarium can last for years! 


Simplicity is key here!  






A little terrarium history.....



Terrariums go back to the 1800's in London when Dr. Nathaniel Ward was experimenting botany.  Through the study of different caterpillars that he had in glass containers he discovered  the growth of ferns on the bottom of the container.  He took a high interest to this since the ferns in his yard weren't as green as they were in the glass container.  Due to the pollution from factories in London the plants did not do as well as those he had discovered.  Ward concluded that the plants could flourish if they were protected from London's polluted air.  He came up with mini greenhouses which he called fern cases, which are now known as Wardian cases or Terrariums.  







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