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Doing our best to get products listed online for local delivery or pick up.  So check back often as we will continue to add new things! 
We do have 2 store front locations that we have a space in and refresh weekly with all our creations.  Charlotte Collective is located in Plaza Midwood here in Charlotte, NC and is a storefront that we share with other small business owners.  Theres an average of 14 of us in the store at a time and Tayflower has been there from the beginning and we couldn't enjoy it more.  There's a lot to look at and shop from!  
We have a dreamy little corner at the cutest coffee shop - the Hobbyist in NODA in Charlotte, NC.  Not only do we love to sip on their lattes (or wine) while we're visiting, we bring in new plant babies weekly so you can grab a drink and a plant while you're there.
Oh and talk about customer service-the staff is amazing and all of them are plant lovers!    
For those looking to shop online, see below for what we have available.  All house plants and listed items can be delivered or ready for pick up. Plants will vary from picture.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

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Make a room have instant greenery vibes with this bushy and full plant. Fiddle Leaf's often have the rep of being a hard to grow plant. While they are considered harder to keep alive, with the right care they'll do just fine! Fiddle Leafs have been a designers choice for a reason.

For a boho vibe this plant looks super cute in a basket or raised planter!

Light: Indirect filtered medium-high light. Near a window facing North or South we have learned is best. Keeping it away from the hot afternoon sun-rays.

Water: Keep this plant's soil moist not soggy. Plant also likes to be misted every so often, so when you water add a little extra time to mist the leaves and branches. Make sure and use tap water that has sat out over night or rainwater if you can!

Size: 10 gallon growers container

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